Российские торрентщики купили село?

Интересно, фейк или нет?

Torrentreactor.net is one of the few companies that has decided to leave a permanent mark on the world map and rename a settlement after itself. The one with real houses and live inhabitants. A small russian village Gar was chosen to be renamed. It is located not far away from Seversk nuclear reactor (Russia, Tomsk region). As opposed to Google town that became the Texas «capital» for a limited period of time Torrentreactor village will retain its name forever. The price of $150,000 was announced for such «live billboard».


First reaction of Tomsk region authorities was controversial. But due to a considerable donation in favor of village citizens that accompanies the deal it was resolved pretty fast. The donation seems to cover costs for future development of the settlement and increase life standards.

Admins of the portal claim that adverisement and publicity is not the main goal of this whole act. They want to provide real help to at least one single village. «We realize it’s just a drop in the ocean comparing to the amount of money needed to help thousands of other villages. But we at least do something to support complete strangers. We are proud that we are able to do so and hope we will be proud of this in the future. We would be even happier to become pioneers and other large Internet portals would follow our example to help many godforsaken places on Earth.»

The selection is explained easily as well: «We’ve picked a few thousands of godforsaken places around the world that are close to operating nuclear reactors to make a connection to the name of our company. The list was numbered and a random number was picked by a generator. The number 377 was a lucky one for Gar village. We think it was a good choice since Gar citizens are very kind and generous people.»

Пиар, конечно, интересный, но какой-то бессмысленный. За 150 тысяч долларов купить село — и что с ним делать-то? Налоги платить и на совещания в район ездить?