Первые жертвы

Борьба с content-farms, которую начал Google на прошлой неделе, ознаменовалась появлением первых раненых — одна из крупнейших таких ферм под названием Mahalo сокращает персонал на 10% из-за падения трафика и, соответственно, дохода. Джейсон Калаканис написал об этом во внутреннем письме:

(re: the google change) Despite those efforts, unfortunately, the Google changes have led to a significant dip in our traffic and revenue. It’s hard not to be disappointed since we’ve been spending millions of dollars on producing highly professional content.

Today we have eliminated a handful of positions in the company (about 10%), and we’ve cut a number of non-essential services we provide internally. In addition, we are re-evaluating our freelance content production, pausing it in the near term and determining how to best produce the high-quality educational material we aspire to in the long run. We are not, however, diminishing our video production efforts.

Interestingly, while the search side of Google has impacted us negatively, Google’s video unit (YouTube) continues to be our strong partner, encouraging us to ramp up our video production and publish even more of our expert video lessons with them.

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