Вентиляция в новом MacBook Pro

Марко Армент протестировал работу системы охлаждения в новом MacBook Pro с Retina дисплеем:

  • At idle speed, the fan is very quiet and will be inaudible in most rooms, just like the previous model.
  • With all cores maxed out, the fan slowly ramps up to full speed over a few minutes, similar to the previous model.
  • At full speed, the fan noise is about the same volume as the previous model, but it does sound different. The asymmetrical-blade design works as described, making it sound more like white noise or whooshing air.
  • When the heavy CPU load stops, the fan ramps back down to low speed more quickly than the prevoius model.
  • Most of the heat is concentrated near the middle of the screen hinge, since that’s roughly where the CPU is. It didn’t seem to get as hot as the previous model, but the difference didn’t feel very significant.

Меня в этой модели очень привлекают максимальные технические характеристики с минимально возможным весом устройства. В-общем, надо брать.