Взгляд из Багдада

Корреспондент газеты «The Independent» Роберт Фиск, находящийся сейчас в Багдаде, дал интервью сайту «Democracy Now», в котором он, в частности, говорит:

As if no one really planning the things, it’s like someone wakes up in the morning and says, “Let’s target this on the map today”, and it’s something which sort of characterizes the whole adventure because if you actually look at what’s happening on the ground, you’ll see that the American and British armies started off in the border. They started off at Um Qasr and got stuck, carried on up the road through the desert, took another right turn and tried to get into Basra, got stuck, took another right at Nasiriya, got stuck—it’s almost as if they keep on saying, “Well let’s try the next road on the right”, and it has kind of a lack of planning to it. There will be those who say that, “No it’s been meticulously planned,” but it doesn’t feel like it to be here.

Читайте полную версию, она очень интересно расходится с официальной позицией США и во многом подтверждает заключения аналитиков.