Кто платит за музыку? Комментарий

Кто платит за музыку? Комментарий западного журналиста:

For the last few years, top executives from all the major record companies have been giving interviews in which they criticize consumers for doing exactly what the execs have been doing for years — getting music for free. I was “in the loop” for a couple years, when I was writing about music for a free weekly, as well as a major daily newspaper, in Los Angeles, many years ago. And I can tell you – none of these characters paid for anything, ever.

The bookcases in their offices and their homes were (and are) filled with “product” that they receive for free as a matter of course. They would not dream of ever paying for recorded music, themselves, with very few exceptions. But now that the average consumer can download a ripped file from the Internet, you’d think it was the end of Western Civilization, from the way they talk.

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Кстати говоря, мне как сейчас вспоминается один крутой киновед, размахивавший флагом «Пиратские DVD — это воровство!». Не будем показывать пальцем и считать количество фильмов, которые он отсматривает в течение недели…