Jeff Jarvis задается вопросом:At a

Jeff Jarvis задается вопросом:

At a press conference with the governor and legislators just now, vows were made: “We’re going to be reinventing New Orleans…. Can and will New Orleans be rebuilt? Absolutely!”

But… Having visited the city often in my last job, I was always struck by its poverty and its lack of a workable economy. Tourism is pretty much the only industry. The food is great. The attitude is fun. But big companies had left.

And… Does it make sense to rebuild homes and offices in a place that can be destroyed all too easily, putting thousands of lives at risk? Is that the right thing to do?

Правда, буквально тут же он продолжает:

I’m not suggesting that what’s left of New Orleans should be bulldozed and abandoned. But I will suggest that, indeed, the city may need to be reinvented. How?

Perhaps it should go with its strengths and be rebuilt as a tourist destination before all its restaurants have branches in Vegas. Perhaps it should be smaller and rather than investing in rebuilding, the money should in some cases be spent on relocation.

Непоследовательно, конечно — он все же предлагает перестроить город, причем как объект для туризма. Т.е. все те напасти, которые постоянно угрожают жителям города (что он упоминал парой абзацев выше), предлагается разнести еще и по куче туристов. Да, возможно, с перемещением города… Только вряд ли это будет Новый Орлеан, интересный для туристов…