Негритянские лидеры обвиняют администрацию США

Негритянские лидеры обвиняют администрацию США в том, что в Новом Орлеане пострадали в основном черные:

The scenes of floating corpses, scavengers fighting for food and desperate throngs seeking any way out of New Orleans have been tragic enough. But for many African-American leaders, there is a growing outrage that many of those still stuck at the center of this tragedy were people who for generations had been pushed to the margins of society.

The victims, they note, were largely black and poor, those who toiled in the background of the tourist havens, living in tumbledown neighborhoods that were long known to be vulnerable to disaster if the levees failed. Without so much as a car or bus fare to escape ahead of time, they found themselves left behind by a failure to plan for their rescue should the dreaded day ever arrive.

«If you know that terror is approaching in terms of hurricanes, and you’ve already seen the damage they’ve done in Florida and elsewhere, what in God’s name were you thinking?» said the Rev. Calvin O. Butts III, pastor of Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem. «I think a lot of it has to do with race and class. The people affected were largely poor people. Poor, black people.»

Вдобавок — спутниковая фотография Нового Орлеана от 31 августа — осторожно, три с лишним мегабайта.