Скотт Адамс и шампунь

У Скотта Адамса отобрали в аэропорту почти пустой флакон от шампуня, объяснив это тем, что объем флакона больше разрешенных трех унций. И вот что вышло:

But here’s the interesting part. The container is semi-transparent, and contained obviously less than 1 ounce of liquid. Apparently the empty portion of the container posed a threat. Or to put it another way, as we humorists like to do, the airport confiscated my 3 ounces of nothing so that I couldn’t use that nothing to blow up the plane.

What they didn’t seem to realize is that my carry on bag was not entirely full either. There was a whole bunch of nothing in there along with the clothes and shoes and belt. And if I were to combine my bag of nothing with the nothing that other passengers smuggled aboard, that would make a huge stockpile of lethal nothing.

For a fleeting moment I considered reasoning with the TSA guy. Surely he could see that the liquid part of my container was minimal. But one look in his eyes told me that thinking wasn’t his sport. And on some level I have to agree that we shouldn’t let airport security use too much of their own judgment. Sooner or later some security person would allow a hand grenade on a plane because the passenger “didn’t look angry.”