О здоровье Стива Джобса

Хорошо сказано:

Yes, Steve Jobs is a core part of Apple but no doubt, there’s a succession plan in place and merely because Apple has not articulated it to the public does not mean it doesn’t exist. I imagine at some point in the distant future, there might be an Apple without Steve. I will certainly miss his presence but I’m also confident that Apple can thrive as well. And as you’ve heard me quote my grandfather in the past. «the cemeteries are full of people who couldn’t be replaced»

Steve is entitled to his privacy. I asked Maria Bartiromo last night if she could think of any other CEO that was put to this level of scrutiny. She said no one, except perhaps Jack Welsch and not to this level. We don’t look at Steve Ballmer and ask if he’s gained a few pounds or see if Michael Dell has a headache or if Eric Schmidt has the sniffles. Steve Jobs health is no one’s business except his. That’s my last word on this topic.

[Источник — Michael Gartenberg — Steve Jobs Health is a Private Matter.]

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