Мало быть негром?

Американский сенатор призывает запретить деятельность компании Huawei на территории США из-за подозрений в связях компании с иранским правительством:

Senior Republican lawmakers in the Senate have warned that Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications equipment maker, should be blocked from operating in the US because of alleged ties to the Iranian government.

In a letter to leading administration officials, Senator Jon Kyl said a bid by Huawei to serve as a supplier to Sprint Nextel, the US telecommunications carrier, would create «substantial risk» for US companies and undermine national security.

The statement, which was endorsed by seven other senators, including Republicans on the intelligence committee, represents a troubling development for the Chinese company as it attempts to make inroads in the US.

Huawei has been seeking to build ties with policymakers and improve its reputation on Capitol Hill after it was forced to drop a joint bid for 3Com, the US technology group, because of national security concerns.

The company has hired some of the best attorneys in Washington to lay the groundwork for its next attempted US acquisition, and is mulling over possible security-related changes that it hopes could allay US government concerns.

Неужели им мало того, что эта компания — китайская? :).