Скобл размышляет о маркетинге iTunes

Скобл размышляет о маркетинге iTunes и предлагает боссам Microsoft:

What do we have? Where’s our story? Why aren’t we spending the marketing money to help our partners sell our music player? Why aren’t we handing players to every single blogger in an attempt to get some buzz going for our side of the fence? Heck, in fact, we should just pick the top 100 bloggers and send them a free SPOT watch, a Windows Media Center machine, a Dell music player, and a Tablet PC. That would cost, what, $4000 or less per blogger. Wanna watch the buzz that comes out of that? Apple spent about $60,000 on just two outdoor advertisements. Don’t we have some marketing money sitting around someplace? $400,000 would be far more effective in getting buzz going than talking to news.com. Heck, forget the Media Center, the SPOT watch, and the Tablet PC. Then you’re down to, what, $300 a piece? $30,000 in marketing funds to get some buzz going?

Это мысль :). Никто не хочет таким образом продвинуть что-нибудь?