Банкиры возвращаются к нормальной жизни

Лондонские банкиры заново привыкают сорить деньгами:

Even City traders’ Tottenham Court Road lap dancing hangout Spearmint Rhino, which fell heavily out of favour during the credit crunch years, is back in vogue. Vice-president John Specht said: «We sold out of Cristal champagne last night and that stuff costs £395 a bottle. Six City guys come in and drop £5,000 to take the VIP area for the evening.

«A few nights ago we had four guys from the Middle East who bought £20,000 in chips for dances and drinks. After service charges they spent £24,000. It’s shocking, it’s back to the days of five or six years ago. Those sort of customers are starting to come back, there’s been a huge increase just in the past five or six weeks.»

Странно, неужели все это время российские банкиры ни разу не заезжали в Лондон?