Кто сколько платит и зачем

Silicon Valley Insider публикует график со средними зарплатами в Долине по компаниям — по графику видно, что больше всех разработчикам сейчас платит Facebook, а Apple c Google держат зарплаты самую малость ниже средних.

В только что вышедшей книге Адама Лашински Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired—and Secretive—Company Really Works есть очень хороший фрагмент про зарплаты сотрудников:

If they (сотрудники) don’t join for a good time, the also don’t join for the money. Sure Apple has spawned its share of stock-options millionaires—particularly those who had the good timing to join in the first five or so years after Jobs returned. «You can get paid a lot of money at most places here in the Valley,» said Frederick Van Johnson, the former Apple marketing employee. «Money is not the metric».

By reputation, Apple pays salaries that are competitive with the marketplace—but not better… Talking about money is frowned at Apple. «I think working at a company like that, and actually being passionate about making cool things, is cool,» said Johnson, summarizing the ethos. «Sitting in a bar and seeing that 90 percent of the people there are using devices that your company made… there is something cool about that, and you can’t put a dollar value on it».

Коротко говоря — не в деньгах счастье.