Airbnb нелегален в Нью-Йорке?

Оказывается, с прошлого года услуги аренды квартир в Нью-Йорке через сервис Airbnb квалифицируются как нелегальные отели и городская администрация ведет с ними борьбу.

In New York City, one of Airbnb’s largest markets, roughly half of the apartments listed on the site are illegal according to state law. Airbnb has made money off the illegal listings since May 1, 2011 when a law passed by the New York State legislature the previous summer banned short-term rentals in the city. After the law went into effect, Airbnb did nothing to disable listings that break the law nor warn consumers that they were breaking the law.

New York City investigates illegal hotels and apartment rentals under the Office of Special Enforcement. “We get complaints everyday about illegal hotels,” New York City officials told Skift. “We look at all of them on a case by case basis.” Enforcement activity picked up quickly in  2011 as the city issued 1,897 violations to landlords as a result of inspections for illegally converted residential buildings into hotels – an increase of 244 percent over the previous year.

Имейте в виду — поехать так далеко и оказаться выселенным из оплаченной квартиры было бы неприятно. Я, правда, все равно гостиницы предпочитаю.