Рыба тухнет с головы, но чистят ее с хвоста — Адизес об Украине

Ицхак Адизес, автор большого количества книг об управлении и известнейший бизнес-консультант, пишет о ситуации в Украине и что делать (via):

A leading intellectual of Ukraine asked me that question; his name of course has to remain anonymous.

I offered a one sentence response: “The fish stinks from the head, but it is cleaned from the tail.”

In other words, the corruption comes from the leaders of the country. They set the tone. They lead the parade. They are the cause of the stinking situation. Common logic suggests they need to be changed in order for the situation to change.

Good. But who will change the leadership? They will not change by themselves.

Alas, you cannot change corrupt leaders by democratic means, by voting them out of power. Those in power will rig the votes.

External sanctions do not work either. The corrupt leadership makes itself even richer during times of sanctions. They control the black market for the essential goods the nation needs. It is rumored that Milosevic made billions of dollars importing gasoline across the border in spite of the sanctions against Serbia. Being the only supplier he could charge a fortune.

There is only one solution: clean the fish from the tail. The people must rise in protest. And not desist, regardless of the cost in lives, until they have prevailed. They must say, enough is enough and take to the streets. And remove by force the corrupt leaders. To the barricades. To the Bastille.

In Davos where I recently served on a discussion panel I was told that the President of Ukraine threatened to shoot at the demonstrators if they do not disperse.

I said I hope that he does so. The audience gasped.

But shooting demonstrators, one’s own nationals, will infuriate the people and make them even more committed to overthrowing the President and his party leaders. Just the way the Romanians got rid of Ceausescu.

It needs to get real bad before it gets better.

Стоит прочесть весь текст, дальше доктор пишет о том, что важно не только избавиться от коррумпированных лидеров, но и обеспечить невозможность их возникновения в будущем. То есть изменить систему.

Очень хорошо, что именно про это думают многие сейчас — не ставят себе цель вознести нового лидера, а именно изменить систему.