Разные операционные системы

Я, в основном, пишу тут о разнице между Windows и Linux, причем с точки зрения пользователя Windows. А вот человек на неделю пересел с Windows на MacOS X — и пишет о своих впечатлениях:

One major problem with the iMac: it made me look like a dork. Those who know me understand that I am one who can rely solely on my physical appearance to get through life. Having a cute-looking gum-drop computer on my desk caused my co-workers to laugh every time they enter my office/cubby-hole. Don’t underestimate this — the dork appearance factor is probably killing sales of the Segway. Granted, I would look like a total bad-ass with a 17″ titanium Powerbook or a new 17″ flat-panel iMac.