Ученый из Университета Британской Колумбии

Ученый из Университета Британской Колумбии заявил, что открыл истинное предназначение Стоунхенджа(via):

Now a University of British Columbia researcher who has investigated the great prehistoric monument for several years has announced he has uncovered its true meaning: it is a giant fertility symbol, constructed in the shape of the female sexual organ.

‘There was a concept in Neolithic times of a great goddess or Earth Mother,’ says Anthony Perks, a gynaecologist who decided to investigate the idea that the circles could have symbolic anatomical links. ‘Stonehenge could represent the opening by which the Earth Mother gave birth to the plants and animals on which ancient people so depended.’

Если кто не понял — по мнению уважаемого гинеколога, доисторический комплекс представляет собой символ влагалища.
Хорошо, все-таки, что он не уролог…