Интересная статья с жуткими пророчествами

Интересная статья с жуткими пророчествами в адрес компакт-дисков. Очень хорошо у автора получилось:

So why, after years of consumer griping, are CD prices finally heading south? It’s simple: The labels have no other choice. Corporations don’t make changes such as this in the spirit of fairness, no matter how many people complain. They do it because it makes sense from a profit—and perhaps, in this case, survival—standpoint.
People have simply reached the point where they no longer think a CD is worth $18. Before the widespread adoption of CD burners, most of us had no idea how little it cost to produce a CD, but now we’re wiser, though the more expensive, nonphysical aspects of CD production remain a mystery to most. And these days, if consumers want music, they obviously have several online alternatives to record stores.

Курсив — мой.