Фальшивый блог Брина и Пейджа.

Фальшивый блог Брина и Пейджа. Настоящий автор, судя по домену — Крис Райдингс, известный специалист по SEO.
Сразу и «объясняются» некоторые вещи:

I’ve wanted to do a blog for ages but Sergey couldn’t manage to set up MovableType. Apparently it’s «Just too difficult».
Anyway, the other day he suggested that it would be a thousand times easier to just buy Blogger.com.
So we did.
We told them their new terms of employment and only one person disagreed.

Can’t work out why our rankings dropped for the query search engine. Now we only rank number four on our own engine! Went to SearchGuild to read about why. Sergey told me about them.
Sergey says they’re ….. cool.