Американцы вновь поднимают вопрос о

Американцы вновь поднимают вопрос о поставках российского оружия в Ирак:

WASHINGTON — U.S. officials have found evidence corroborating the Bush administration’s allegations that Russian companies sold Saddam Hussein high-tech military equipment that threatened U.S. forces during the invasion of Iraq last March, a senior State Department official said Friday.
The United States has found proof that Russian firms exported night-vision goggles and radar-jamming equipment to Iraq, the official said. The evidence includes the equipment itself and proof that it was used during the war, said the official.

При этом опять не приводится никаких доказательств. Что и отмечают в своем комментарии россияне:

Yevgeny V. Khorishko, press secretary for the Russian Embassy in Washington, said Friday that although the allegations were first raised before the war, «we have never received real proof from the American side that Russian firms were involved in the delivery of this equipment.»
The State Department official declined to elaborate on what the proof was.
Khorishko noted that the U.S. and Russia were now involved in broad talks to halt the spread of weapons around the world. He said he could not comment, under the terms of those talks, on whether they addressed U.S. concerns about the night-vision and jamming equipment.

Интересно, зачем это вытаскивается именно сейчас?