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Вдогонку к предыдущему посту — лидер команды, разрабатывающей Flock, отвечает на вопрос «Why not an extension»:

We too love Firefox. We spent several months investigating (and writing code) how to deliver what we want to do in the form of a Firefox extension. In the end, we concluded that we needed to release our code in the form of a full browser. We want to be able to offer our users a complete end-to-end user experience, including a single browser download, an update service, technical support…. the works. Further, we don’t want to break anyone’s Firefox experience, or have our browser break, due to updates either way that have not been fully tested propagated. In the short term, that means that fewer people will play with our stuff, but over the long term we believe it’s the right way to go for us. Of course there will be many people who are perfectly happy with Firefox and are not interested in trying a new browser. The good news for those folks is that there are already hundreds of Firefox extensions, many of them aimed at integrating social services into the browser.