Журнал Time открыл все архивные статьи, начиная с 1923 года по сегодняшний день. Статьи доступны полностью и бесплатно. Вот, например, новость о смерти Ленина:

In his country villa at Gorky, little town near Moscow, Nikolai Lenin, Premier of Soviet Rusia, suffered a paralysis of his repiratory organs, died. His body was taken to Moscow, where it lay in state pending burial in the Kremlin.

On Christmas day, and again on New Year’s day, Lenin had been out hunting rabbits, and was said to be much improved.

Lenin had been absent from the Kremlin, center of Soviet rule, for near- ly two years.

The real name of the late Premier and Dictator of Russia was Vladimir Ilich Ulianov. He was born at Simbirsk, on the river Volga, about 1870. He came of a respectable family, was early converted to the teachings of Karl Marx.