И вновь про Skype

Последнее сообщение от Skype — у них проблемы с сетевым софтом:

As we continue to work hard at resolving the problem, we wanted to dispel some of the concerns that you may have. The Skype system has not crashed or been victim of a cyber attack. We love our customers too much to let that happen. This problem occurred because of a deficiency in an algorithm within Skype networking software. This controls the interaction between the user’s own Skype client and the rest of the Skype network.

Rest assured that everyone at Skype is working around the clock — from Tallinn to Luxembourg to San Jose — to resume normal service as quickly as possible.

Что ж, будем ждать, пока что проблемы продолжаются…

UPDATE: Починили. Итого 14 часов даунтайма.