Yahoo — следующие шаги

Глава JupiterMedia Алан Меклер прогнозирует, что Yahoo должна сделать дальше:

I am not rooting against Jerry (and David Filo). But if Yahoo is remaining independent, it needs to change its growth strategy. 18 months ago I suggested that Yahoo should purchase Dow Jones. Yahoo needs to be the biggest and best media company. It can never be the biggest and best search company. The mere fact that Yahoo is working with Google to farm out its search shows the world that Yahoo knows it has lost the search wars.

Therefore Yahoo should make a big purchase. And once it makes the big purchase it might very well be the best defense against Microsoft returning to the hunt. Yahoo did not take me up on buying Dow Jones. But now I suggest two acquistions. Yahoo should purchase Cnet and follow that up with buying up all or most of IAC. The cost would be many billions. But Yahoo would then offer an astounding array of Internet content, services and ecommerce offerings. Combined with Yahoo’s enormous traffic, this combo would clearly be a winner. And as stated, it would keep Microsoft away forever.